Primary school education is an essential aspect of a child’s life. Parents have mixed emotions when they witness their children going to school. They understand that their kid is embarking on an important journey. Parents are also scared about how their children will react to the new environment. Therefore, parents must handle and support their children efficiently. They should encourage the child to be more engaged with others. 

So, let’s discuss tips to teach your child to become engaged in primary school Ahmedabad.

Six Tips That Will Allow Your Child To Engage In Primary School

  1. Speak positively about school: Positively express your emotions regarding primary school with kids. Also, speak of how wonderful the school looks to familiarise them with the environment. Let them know their school’s location and how they will reach the school. Furthermore, inform kids about their teachers and how children must respect them. 

Parents must ask their children how they feel about joining the primary school. You can also practise a school routine in advance. For example, pack them a lunch box and make them sleep early.

  1. Inform the school about your child: Parents must communicate their child’s progress, habits, behaviour, and other necessary things with teachers. Make your child’s teacher familiar by giving them insights. Keep in touch with your kid’s teacher. It will allow you to learn how your kid is performing. Therefore, you can speak to the teacher when you find suspicious behaviour of your child.
  1. Bring a sense of belonging into your child’s mind: According to a study, a child who doesn’t sense belonging from their primary school always feels disengaged. Moreover, they will feel the same in secondary school and further. Start attending school orientation programs with your kid so that they attach themselves to school. Also, arrange playdates with other kids and connect with their parents. You can also insert positivity about maintaining friendships in the school. Finally, you must attend schools’ cultural activities with your child because you are paying CBSE school fees.
  1. Motivate them to learn: Parents should promote the value of learning in their children. You are your child’s first teacher. So, communicate with them and know their thoughts about learning. According to research, children should be interested in learning from primary school. It prepares them for other education programs. So, talk about learning with joy. It will engage them more.
  1. Every day at school matters: Know that every day your child spends in school counts. Therefore, they must feel engaged from beginning to end. Teach good habits to your children. Also, always try to speak about school and how it is excellent. As a result, your child will wish to attend school regularly.

Children who attend school every day:

  • Make better friends
  • Learn perfectly
  • Are happy
  1. Make routines: Establish and motivate your children to follow them daily. It will help them become disciplined. Also, the routine allows them to engage with school.

Following are some typical examples for parents:

  • Set an ideal time for bed
  • Wake your child in the morning at a consistent time
  • Prepare their school bag the night before
  • Setting up a breakfast time
  • Create a homework time for your child in the evening

Bottom Line 

Your child will only feel engaged when they hear good things from you. Therefore, connect with your child, communicate daily, and be positive around them. Additionally, always remember to ask your kid about his day at school. Consequently, they feel they belong, are engaged, and are ready to learn. The tips mentioned in the blog will help you engage your kids with school.