English is the most commonly used language for communication worldwide. That is why every child needs to learn it with proficiency. To ensure that children are ready for the competitive world, every Noida school gives much more attention to the subject. Apart from the coursework, they plan activities and organize events like declamation and debates to make children comfortable with the language. 

If you also want your child to have a strong hold on the English language, start making efforts from the beginning of their school journey. Choose a Montessori preschool for them, where they will learn grammar and develop speaking skills with the help of various activities. Additionally, you should conversate with them in the same language and correct them wherever they make a mistake. Let us discuss a few more things that can assist in improving the English grammar skills of children.

7 ways to improving your child’s English grammar

Make it the language for regular conversation

Use English for regular conversations at home to improve familiarity with the language. As they hear you, they will pick words and learn the correct use of grammar. Moreover, these conversations will allow you to listen to how your child speaks, understand his hold on the language and correct him wherever required. Continuing to speak in the language will help you achieve fluency in no time, and you wouldn't have to make any extra effort.

Setup a Practice Routine

There are multiple books and other study materials which you can use to help your child practice his grammar. The ideal way is to keep an hour or so daily for grammar practice. Then, make your child solve a few practice sheets and continue with this procedure until you see significant improvement. 

Develop Reading Habits

Develop reading habits in your child and introduce them to books that help improve vocabulary and grammar. For example, you can give any English storybook to young children and read it with them to eventually enhance their hold on the language. Once the child develops interest, you can keep adding to their book collection and see how efficiently they learn the language. 

Use visual approach

Every child watches movies, cartoon shows, and rhymes for entertainment. That is where parents can infuse learning! Introduce your child to English cartoons and kids' movies so that they hear the language and learn various expressions. Studies show that a visual approach is much better for memory, so you can expect the child to respond faster and polish their grammar skills. 

Encourage School Participations

Every Noida school organizes events and contests like debates and declamation that contribute a lot to improving the English language skill of children. Motivate your children to participate in them and help them prepare for them. As they stand in front of audiences and deliver their views, their confidence level improves, and so does their hold on English grammar. 

Storytelling Sessions

Reading is fruitful, but storytelling has better results. So the switch turns with your child and asks them to narrate their favourite story and what they liked about it. The idea is to encourage the child to share his thoughts in the language so that his proficiency level improves and he gets an excellent grip on the grammar.

Use Flashcards

Teachers at a Montessori preschool use flashcards to teach grammar, tenses, and vocabulary. Parents can also use the same to make learning exciting and fun and to see the best results. 

Apart from these tips, you should be in touch with educators to know where your child is lacking in gaining proficiency in the English language. Work collaboratively with them; your child's grammar will improve many folds. Once he learns grammar and speaking fluency, he will open doors for better opportunities in life.