Parents offer wonder whether to send their child to an English-medium school from an early age. The answer is-One must always do so! English-medium schools have several benefits and help your child learn the language and develop excellent knowledge about it. Hence, they would have no issues in communicating with others or when they visit other countries if you send them to English-medium schools at an early age.

Developing spoken English skills at an early age

Children do not feel nervous or shy even if they are wrong when they are small. These can increase when they grow up, hampering their spoken English skills. Admitting children to English medium schools in Ahmedabad or elsewhere at a young age can help them develop their written and spoken English skills. Children can communicate with each other even if they make mistakes and learn from them. 

Learn a global language

English is one of the most popular languages spoken globally. Admitting your child to an English medium school at an early age can strengthen their knowledge as they grow up. English speaking and writing skills can be pretty helpful during admission to international schools. Hence, such a skill helps children win over other competitors later in their lives. Parents must remember most competitions take place in English, and sending children to English-medium schools from an early age helps them prepare for such competitions. 

The language of science and the internet

While English speaking and writing can help children achieve many things in life, it also helps them understand science and use the internet. Though one can use the internet in various local languages or translate the pages, most sites are written in English. One has to know the language well enough to understand these pages. Furthermore, learning English helps one understand various technology forms, scientific theories, etc.

Intercultural approach

Sending your child to an English-medium school helps them interact with several students coming from other countries. If your child is not comfortable in the language, they might fail to interact freely or make enough friends. Hence, it is crucial to send your child to an English-medium school since childhood to develop communication skills. Also, know about the scholarship for school

Accessing various entertainment forms

Though there are several books and movies in local languages, the production of English content is unparalleled. Learning the language gives you access to a global world full of entertainment. Learning the language since childhood can help you expand your access to entertainment, be it the most famous books, movies, or other entertainment forms.


Parents may often think sending children to English medium schools can reduce their grasp of native languages. However, that is not the case. Most English-medium schools also have special classes to teach local languages to the students. Hence, your child can enhance their grasp of both English and native language in an English-medium school. These schools also have several benefits and help your child develop an inter-cultural approach by interacting with students from various countries.