The Department of Education (DoE) recently stated that nursery admissions in Noida would commence on December 1 for the academic year 2023-24. And, as is customary each year, the admissions competition is about to begin.

A parent's mind is sometimes clouded with questions and confusion prior to admissions, particularly on the paperwork necessary for entrance. To allay parents' fears, the DoE has already prepared a list of papers that parents must maintain on hand in order to successfully navigate the Noida nursery admissions 2023-24. Also, search for the best school for class 10 admission 2023

Documents Required for 2023-24 Noida Nursery Admissions

Generally, various schools in Noida may require different documentation for nursery admission. These papers are typically required at the time of admission; however, some are necessary even while applying for admission.

Check out the DoE-approved list of papers you'll need for Noida nursery admissions in 2023-24.

Birth Certificate 

The Municipal Corporation or a similar body issues birth certificates. The child's name, as well as other pertinent information such as date of birth and parent's names, should be included, and the Registrar of Births should testify to it. Check that the child's name is spelled accurately on the birth certificate.

Address Verification

You must include one of the following as legitimate address evidence in your Nursery admissions 2023-24 Noida documents:

  • Passport 
  • Ration/Smart Card issued in the name of the parents (Mother/Father, with the child's name).
  • Domicile certificate for the child or his/her parents.
  • Any parent's voter identification card (EPIC).
  • Latest paid Electricity bill/MTNL telephone bill in either parent's name.
  • Aadhaar Card/UID card issued in either of the parents' names
  • Lease Deed in either of the parents' names

Rent agreements are often not accepted as proof of residency by schools. However, if the rent agreement is older than 6 months, certain schools may accept it as proof of residency. It is, however, suggested to avoid submitting a rent agreement as proof of address.

Please keep in mind that schools only require a maximum of two residency proofs. Check if the address evidence is in either of the parents' names. Have a look at for the class 6 fees structure in nursery schools. 

Photographs in Passport Size

Keep duplicate copies of the kid and both parents on hand.

Photograph of a Family

At least one copy of a photograph of a father, mother, and kid taken during the last three months.

A certified medical practitioner must issue the vaccination card/health certificate.

Unless your selected school requires further documentation, these will suffice for admission. However, never be overconfident or careless until your child has been admitted.

Nursery Admission 2023-24 Additional Documents

The following are the supplementary Nursery admissions 2023-24 Noida paperwork that schools may request:

Religious Minority Documents:

If you are a Christian, keep a letter from your parish/priest/pastor on hand. If you are a member of another religious minority, you will need a comparable community certificate.

Single Parent Proof: 

An official death certificate or a divorce decision, whichever is relevant. For siblings attending the same school, ID cards, fee receipts, report cards, and so on.

Alumnus Proof Parents' 10th or 12th grade mark sheets and pass certificates, if asking for admission to the same school.

Affidavit of the First Child

If you want to get first kid points, you need go to a neighbouring court.

Staff’s ID Card

In the event that the applicant is a staff ward.

Please note: In transfer cases, one needs to provide proof of transfer to Noida Certificate/Transfer – order and joining report stating the date of transfer and joining. To know more information visit our campus